Traditional Art Mediums

During the art class that I completed in 2014-2015, I had to explore and experiment with several traditional methods of artistic creation. Previously, he used only pen, Biro and Digital (Photoshop and Corel Painter). The process was very inspiring and opened me to many alternative ways of creating art. I encourage everyone to try something […]

Weekly Photography Challenge – Birds

This week’s photography challenge topic is BIRDS! Go out and capture those little feathered friends doing those awesome things they do. They can be close-ups, in flight, perched on a branch, in a cage, or eating insects. They can be color, black and white, moody or bright, motion blurred or creatively edited. You get the picture! […]

The Art and Craft of Business

WILLIAM MORRIS, the father of arts and crafts, flourishing in the late nineteenth century, would have agreed with Etsy. The Brooklyn-based company hosts a thriving online market for about 1 million goldsmiths, lighter, bakers, loggers, and other artists and craftsmen from around the world. “He has nothing in his house that he does not know […]

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