Digital art: a new way of looking at the world

Are touch screens, smartphone applications and 3D printers new ways to produce art? At a time when digital technology is part of DNA for generations as electrical sheep, images are full of digital innovations that allow them to visualize the modern world through a digital lens. Is it evolution or revolution? The question is how much conversion is global, where creativity and exercise are subject to a change driven by digital technology.

In the case of tools, digital technology is essentially an extension of more traditional techniques. A typical example is photography. “With digital cameras, you can take risks, experiment with different compositions, and then start over again until you’re happy and then change the results much faster and easier than you can shoot,” Liam says.

Fitzpatrick An illustrated journalist and photographer inspired by light and contrasts from his secret Hong Kong. Miniaturization has revolutionized its attitude to photography, even more than data management. “My iPhone has become an extension of the eyes, I” work “in a constant state of consciousness, I can walk or talk to someone, when a sunbeam suddenly hits a wall or a whirlwind of leaves that are suddenly released I leave everything To catch in time Something that is only possible on smartphones, sensitive enough and of good quality for my recordings.

Dance, motion art can also use new technology. “Dance does not need digital technology, but it can be used to enrich and tear it up in modernity. “There is a lot to learn from digital technology: they can give a new perspective on the art involved in creative processes,” said Armando Menicacci, a professor, researcher and choreographer of Italian origin who specializes in the relationship between dance and digital technology.

Emphasizes the benefits of isomorphism offered by digital technology: “In computational calculations, any process involved in perception may need to change a gesture, become an image, an image in a text, etc. The dancers’ movements with sensors can be used, eg Do a sound, “he adds. The opposite of the conventional approach and an expression that modern dance only begins to explore. Announces future pieces that will be completely captivating.

Digital technology not only expands the areas where existing art forms can be expressed but also opens the way to new disciplines. Improved reality, 3D images and other robots are made by computer technology. Digital Sculptor Murray Kruger, born in South Africa, highlights the potential for original creativity offered by information technology and their related fields.

I am fascinated by the ghostly scenes and their ability to provoke reading reactions, digital tools that allow me to create 3D models that cannot be used with more traditional methods, and I can control their composition and lighting from any angle., until I get something that best suits my vision and phases: I can experiment with textures, renderings, sensations etc. “In their work, technology and creativity meet. lend a special atmosphere to their work and realize one of the most important goals of art: to encourage the viewer to ask questions.

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