The Art and Craft of Business

WILLIAM MORRIS, the father of arts and crafts, flourishing in the late nineteenth century, would have agreed with Etsy. The Brooklyn-based company hosts a thriving online market for about 1 million goldsmiths, lighter, bakers, loggers, and other artists and craftsmen from around the world. “He has nothing in his house that he does not know is useful or that he finds beautiful.”
Morris defended artistic talent as an alternative to the mass production of his time and said it was favorable sloppy design and dehumanized work. Etsy is also committed to “humanizing” work and commerce, says Chad Dickerson, CEO. As a company, it has just finished its best year since its inception in 2005. In 2012, Etsys generated sales of $ 895 million. In October before the holiday they had already exceeded one billion dollars in 2013. Although Etsy takes a small fraction and takes 20 cents per product and 3.5 percent of each sale, the estimated value is more than a thousand. million dollars. It will sell shares to the public in 2014.

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